Thursday, September 3, 2009


Everthing in the Universe is energy. Energy is light, and light is made up of colour. Colour is coded with the information that infinitely creates life. Without light, there would be no life.

A 'bubble' of energy/light surrounds all living things, even YOU; it is called your Aura (meaning Light).
  • Your energy (Aura) is a powerful electromagnetic field of subtle energy, made up of your thoughts and feelings.
  • Your energy is influenced by your EVERY thought, mood and emotion; and this magnetic field of energy affects all outcomes and experiences in your life.

    Your energy field is giving off energy, and attracting energy to you, constantly creating your life....your energy field is the 'Law of Attraction', in action.

    Through the conscious use of colour, you can change your energy in a natural and easy way.

    Soul Colour products work by balancing your energy field, so that your energy is 'working for you'.

It is now time we all became aware of our energy, understanding that we can change our energy, make better use of it, and get behind generating 'good energy', to create a better world for all.

'Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from you own energy'.....Dalai Lama