Sunday, August 2, 2009

What is the sacred meaning behind the Kali Ma rosary necklace?

‘Kali Ma’ the rosary necklace.....this beautiful necklace is lovingly hand made with Swarovski crystals, and based on sacred geometry for the ‘Feminine Renewal’ ….the movement awakening love in hearts.

Kali is the Hindu Goddess of liberation, Ma means mother.
The Goddess Kali Ma (Liberator of Souls – Destroyer of Negativity) is the supreme feminine manifestation of compassion as she frees us from the prison of our own ego. She frees us from the incessant, impulsive and obsessive thinking of the mind, which creates pain and suffering in human lives.

The mantra ‘Om Kali Ma’ vibrates with her power, and serves as a Divine vehicle for transporting you into her domain. Using it for meditation, you breathe in Om Kali Ma with every inhalation, silently repeating it in your mind savouring the subtle sounds of each syllable as she infuses every cell of your body with her power, radiance and love. With every exhalation, silently breathe out Om Kali Ma, feeling her presence filling the universe around you. Your body may be gently swayed by her lullaby as the ego-mind falls asleep and the Divine awakens within you.

Kali Ma jewellery is fashioned on the rosary, and sacred geometry.
The bi-cone crystals in the ‘Kali Ma’ necklace represent sacred geometry, two triangles interlaced. The upward pointing triangle represents the Sun, solar - the masculine principal and forces of creation. The downward pointing triangle represents the Moon, lunar - the feminine principal. The two triangles joined together represent the Divine union of male and female forces of wisdom and love.

The name ‘rosary’ comes from the flower, the rose, which in medieval times was seen as a symbol of life eternal. The rose symbolically is representative of the spiral. The spiral is the sacred journey of creation, the doorway that weaves the ethereal and material dimensions together. The spiral is the door of love. As soon as you enter the experience of unconditional love, you have an intimate interconnection with all things in creation.

Prayer beads or Rosaries are used by members of various religions to count the repetitions of prayers, chants or devotions. They may also be used for meditation, protection from negative energy, or for relaxation. Using Prayer beads as a tool of meditation is as old as human history. Since the beads are fingered in an automatic manner, they allow the user to keep track of how many prayers have been said with a minimal amount of conscious effort, which in turn allows greater attention to be paid to the prayers themselves.

All Soul Colour jewellery is handcrafted using genuine Swarovski crystal, and lovingly handmade with ritual and sacred ceremony. The Kali Ma rosary necklace comes in 14 beautiful colours and clear crystal, to strengthen and support your Aura. They are a unique gift for yourself
or your loved ones.

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