Monday, April 27, 2009


Your energy creates and adds to your future experiences every minute. It is easy to think of energy as 'out there', and something that has nothing to do with you, but YOU ARE ENERGY!
Everything in the universe is energy. Energy is Light and Light is made up of colour coded with intelligent information to create life. Without light there would be no life.

So, what are you investing your energy in right now? It's time that we all became aware of our energy, understanding that we can change energy and make better use of it.

Your aura is a powerful electromagnetic field of energy that surrounds your body. Electromagnetic means that is has both electrical and magnetic characteristics or effects. Your moods, thoughts and emotions are subtle vibrations of energy within your aura, and as the electromagnetic field of your aura vibrates out into the Universe, they are picked up and matched by the Universe, which sends back more of the same energy.....this is how your reality and life experiences are created. This is the 'Law of Attraction' in action. Like attracts like.

Soul Colour research has shown, that soul colour sprays can change the subtle energy in your aura, and what it attracts to itself.

This is a photograph of an Aura, before the use of Soul Colour spray:

This is the same Aura, photographed immediately after the use of Soul Colour spray:

Look at the Amazing Transformation that has taken place! A higher frequency of intelligence is now operating, creatingpurification, transformation and open communication from theheart, bringing balance and harmony into this persons energysystem, supporting them now to reach their full potential in life.

Soul Colour sprays and crystal jewellery support and balance your auric field. Our products strengthen and expand, purify and balance your aura in a natural and easy way. They bring harmony into all areas of your life.

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