Sunday, February 15, 2009


"Ever since I can remember, I have seen colors in connection with people. I do not remember a time when the human beings I encountered did not register on my retina with blues and greens and reds gently pouring from their heads and shoulders. It was long time before I realized that other people did not see these colors; it was a long time before I heard the word aura, and learned to apply it to this phenomenon which to me was commonplace. I do not ever think of people except in connection with their auras; I see them change in my friends and loved ones as time goes by - sickness, dejection, love, fulfillment - these are all reflected in the aura, and for me the aura is the weathervane of the soul. It shows which way the winds of destiny are blowing." - by the great master, Edgar Cayce.

Colour directly affects the quality and strength of your aura. If one of the colours is out of balance, you will experience imbalance in your life, which may be reflected in illness, dis-ease within the body, disfunctional behavioural patterns, irrational thinking, depression, anxiety, sleeplessness and so on. If you are dealing with any of these challenges in your life, why not look at what is out of balance, and consciously use colour to restore harmony and balance back into your energy field...your aura.

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