Monday, February 23, 2009

Man's Sublte Bodies and Centres

"Those who maintain that the nature of their thoughts, feelings and actions is totally irrelevant, that we have to free ourselves from antiquated religious and moral codes, are destroying the beauty of their aura and produce only dull, dirty colours and chaotic vibrations and, without knowing why, other people sense this and tend to avoid them.

People are only drawn to what is pure, luminous and harmonious, and if someone wants others to like him he has to understand that he must allow only pure, luminous forces into his inner being. For those who desire love, light and power there is one way, and only one, of achieving their heart's desire, and that is to work hard to cleanse their aura of all the impure colours whose bad vibrations destroy the good in others.

You have all experienced this, surely: some people can be with you only 5 minutes and, when they go, you find yourself sucked dry of all inspiration: all joy has left you. Everything bright and good has vanished! But there are others: after only a few minutes in their presence you feel that your life is renewed, your old, worn out cells have been replaced by new ones, and once again you are full of energy. You have to understand that it is their aura which causes the changes in you.' - Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov.

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