Sunday, November 15, 2009


"I had been in a great relationship for about 8 months when issues of control started to occur between us, which lead to a break-up. I am in my mid thirties, educated, and a successful businesswomen. The concept of falling apart over a man never entered my mind, until it happened.

After the break-up, I could not stop crying, and had to have time off work. I felt confused and emotionally out of control....I hated feeling this way. Having attended the Colour Forum with Narelle on several occasions, and learning about the healing energies of colour, I went to see Narelle for an energy balance.
I was not sure what an energy balance would involve, and I was pleasantly surprised. After an hour and a half of working with higher energies, using colour and sound, I could not have imagined the amazing transformation that would occur for me. A feeling of peace and calm washed over me though the session, and a feeling of pure energy that was indescribable. I felt so much better than normal.

Narelle helped me discover the root of where my pain and confusion had come from. Not only did the pain I was feeling clear with ease, but also the initial source of the pain was gone. I was astonished to learn that this deep and overwhelming feeling of confusion came from when I was ten, and my parents separated. Using the Peach Energy Spray for a few weeks after my energy balance with Narelle, helped me to dissolve any residual feelings of sadness or confusion around this issue.

After clearing this old emotional energy, I could then talk to my partner, from a clearer and more stable emotional place within myself. I was also able to help him see his emotional stress, and where our need to control each other was coming from. We were simply mirroring each others emotional blockages. Our relationship is now at a whole new level. We are so much happier and relaxed together.
I am so grateful for this experience with my partner, as difficult as it was, as I was empowered to clear the blocked energies with such ease, and to learn more about myself. I know if I had not taken this healing course of action, I would not be in this loving and supporting relationship today. Thank you, Narelle, for your support and guidance, and for the incredible healing intelligence of Soul Colour".

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