Friday, April 16, 2010


The dislike of a colour can be just as revealing to us as our love of a colour. Sometimes more so, for your resistance to a particular colour can reveal blockages in your energy field and hidden fears in the sub-conscious mind.

By looking at the colour you dislike, resist, don't wear or don't have in your wardrobe or home, you can easily reveal where your energy is blocked. These blockages, if not rebalanced, will eventually create limitations, recurring patterns or illness in your life. The science of Colour reveals your true using colour consciously you can easily and naturally guide your energy gently back into alignment. A healthy well balanced Aura will attract goodness, love and harmony into all areas of your life.

A dislike of the colour Pink may indicate you are out of touch with how to express and communicate your true feelings. You may be quick to dismiss your own feelings and the feelings of others. Lacking in Pink you may experience constant dramas in your life, or suffer from heart problems, sleeplessness, anxiety or stress related conditions. You may struggle to experience a meaningful lasting relationship or feeling alone and misunderstood even if you are in a relationship.

A dislike of the colour Red could indicate you are ignoring your creative energy. You could be stuck in a mind rut; focused on making money and surviving. This thinking and focus needs to be changed immediately, with a higher mental vibration focused on self-love, the true 'supplier' of all good in life. Financial stress is affecting the very structure and health of your body.

A dislike of the colour Peach could indicate you may need to heal painful memories from a past relationship. The root cause of this pain could stem from an experience in a past life brought forward into this life to be cleared. This reoccurring and restrictive energy of unrequited love in divorce or break-ups needs to be healed for you to move forward and create healthy relationships in the future.

A dislike of the colour Orange could reveal hidden shocks and trauma of a sexual, emotional, mental or physical nature. This energy could leave you feeling very out of balance, mentally confused or emotionally drained and sensitive. The Orange Energy Spray can help to rebalance the energy of shocks and trauma in your Aura.

A dislike of the colour Gold could indicate you may have a fear of success and shining your light for all to see. You need to access your inner wisdom and confidence for you to move forward, the sharing and expression of your gifts and talents will enable you to live a life you love.

A dislike of the colour Yellow could indicate you are living in your head, trying to figure it all out and find the right answer to your life. Your are driving yourself crazy and wearing your nervous system to a frazzel - STOP - lighten up, seek joy and let whatever you are seeking come to you.

A dislike of the colour Olive could reveal a fear of speaking up and asking for what your want in life. Do you feel you are always missing out or never getting what you want? This shows a fear of rejection or of hurting others if you speak your truth. This behaviour is creating conflict between your mind and your heart which is making you frustrated and angry.

A dislike of the colour Green could indicate you have lost your direction in life or you may be going in the wrong direction. Is there growth and space in your present life? If not, you need to get out into nature and tune into the underlying energy of your being, for you have lost your way. Mother nature, through the energy of green trees, and the ocean, will help restore you and your life.

A dislike of the colour Emerald could indicate you may be avoiding some hidden Truth in your life. You may be avoiding facing this Truth because of the pain it creates in your heart, but when you are willing to face the truth, the pain simply dissolves. Your heart will be healed, and you will feel renewed with peace of mind, and strength of spirit, once again.

A dislike of the colour Aqua may indicate your are not listening to, or following your heart. You maybe stuck in a rut or sabotaging yourself by not using your creative imagination to create a beauitful life you love. Stop avoiding the real issues in your life and hidding from yourself.

A dislike of the colour Blue may indicate an issue of TRUST in life. You are uptight, life runs perfectly without you controlling it, or anyone in it. You need to trust in the divine order of your life, let life flow around you. Time to get in touch with your creative self-expression - take an art class, join a meditation group, go for a walk or sit back and relax - communicate your joy by singing life's praises.

A dislike of the colour Royal Blue may indicate you have lost connection to the true source of power in you life. You are in your mind, thinking you are in control of your life and can work out your problems. A busy mind does not create, only a still mind creates, a still mind emenates power and control in ones life.

A dislike of the colour Violet may indicate you have lost your vision in life. You may have a tendency to want to escape, or check out. You are out of touch with your destiny, and it is time to commune with the divine driving forces within. Find ways to connect with the Light within, get in touch with your Spirit by meditating with the violet light, by lighting a candle and praying to the Angels, by doing something loving for yourself.

A dislike of the colour Magenta may indicate you are afraid of your own power and all that you can do, be, and have. You may have lost your connection to the harmonious and magical infinite field of possibilities in life. Magenta will awaken for you a knowing that your life is in harmony with everything else, that all things are possible and divinely connected.


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  2. My least favorite color is yellow and this discription is very on point! I am a very cerebral person and try to plan my whole life out, sometimes forgetting how to just live in the moment.

  3. My least favorite color is yellow and this discription is very on point! I am a very cerebral person and try to plan my whole life out, sometimes forgetting how to just live in the moment.