Friday, February 19, 2010


2010 will be an important time for all of us, to be inspired and empowered to co-create the way we wish to live in our individual lives, and on the planet. Our hopes, dreams, visions, and Divine Intentions will be expanded a thousand times by the tremendous influx of Light we will experience during the year.

The creative and intelligent power of the Light during 2010, will continue to influence our three planes of our existence - the Spiritual, Mental and Physical. During 2010, the Light through the vibrations of Aqua, Olive and Gold, will expand and enhance the collective mind of man, assisting him to experience his own power and divine nature.This is a most important time to be awake and aware.

AQUA ......In 2010, the vibration of Aqua will influence and expand the collective mind of man by deepening our creative communication and commitment from the heart. The Aqua ray continues to raise man's conscious awareness of the understanding that life gets easier, and energy flows when the Spiritual Plane is the focus of our supply, and the source in our lives. the great supplier. The vibration of Olive in 2010, raises the quality of our Mental Plane and our awareness that the only supplier is Spirit. Our thoughts, emotions, intuition and higher mind faculties are raised to a higher vibration with the assistance of Olive. We become more aware of our Spiritual presence, and the feminine force within, by listening to our inner guidance system - our feelings, and following our joy / bliss. Joy raises our vibrations. 2010, the vibration of Gold continues to illuminate the Christ light, thus empowering the individual on the Physical Plane. Gold assists to raise our energy levels by expressing Spirit in our daily lives, with conscious rituals and practices that cleanse, strengthen, and purify our Aura (our personal energy field). Gold will illuminate our awareness that our Spiritual presence is the highest vibration, and the source of all. With this in mind and focus, supply flows freely and Gold showers us with abundance.

'As Above So Below' 'As Within So Without' This is the Law, and we are all subject to the Law.
Colour is a subtle intelligent vibration of communication, permeating all three planes of mans existence - Spiritual, Mental and Physical - through Colour we receive all information in life, about ourselves, others and the world around us. Soul Colour is the perfect vehicle in 2010, to expand your mind and communicate with the subtle and higher energies of the soul, your Spirtual presence. Colour is the language of the soul, Colour assists the soul, in an easy and natural way to learn, grow and awaken, whether you are aware of it or not.

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